Common mistakes made in dating

When you are in a relationship, you often think that being compatible in as many ways as possible is the key to success.

It helps to have similar values and dreams, people can be very different and still have amazing relationships.

It is not about having the same interests. The important part is how you relate to each other when you have common interests, how you communicate and enjoy each other’s company and how open minded you are with each other.

The truth is relationships are work. You will have fun along the way, but you need to remember it takes effort to be romantic with your partner.

Remember both people are grown adults and both people should be treated as grown adults. No one likes to be controlled and have someone telling them what to do every minute of the day. Freedom is so important in a relationship, with saying that freedom is meant to make us grow when we come together not to be abused with bad actions and intentions when we are apart. The aim is to allow your partner to truly be their self and not move them further away from their inner beings.

We are all human, and we make mistakes. Do not hold your partner to unrealistic standards and have high expectations of them. You will be causing more harm and damage than any good, as you will be putting alot of  stress and pressure on your partner.

Communication is huge and key in any relationship. Brushing all of our problems under the carpet is unhealthy, as we tend to move forward those problems collect and multiply. This will lead up to a massive outbreak and argument or even worse leading you to part ways, with the other person baffled as to what went wrong, so remember that communication is key and it should not be avoided.

On the flip side of the coin, it is unhealthy to make everything into an issue and a argument, think of all the problems you have with your partner and consider weather these are something that you have to move on from by breaking up or weather you can rebuild together and get over them.

Keeping secrets from your lover is an absolute no no! You don’t have to explain every minute of your life but you know that it is a secret when you yourself know that it is so heavy to carry this weight, you know in your heart that you intentionally keeping it away and you feel embarrassed scared or guilty. Doing this may coast your entire relationship because a secret

will come out sooner or later, it’s better when it’s sooner and communication plays a huge role in this!

Not taking time to yourself and being to co-depending! Me time is so important! Spending every single moment with your partner is unhealthy! As you can loss yourself as an individual! Everyday simple tasks will become a challenge and you will find the need to consult your partner for every small decision. Take some time for yourself to do what you love and in this way both of you will benefit from this and have better results in your life and relationship with each other.

Unable to communicate your values in life. Even tho you may like the same kind of food and spending time with each other, you will have differences. It is so important to talk about your co values such as career and money, friends and family, religion ect. It’s so important to take time to discuss this before moving your relationship forward as you don’t want to be disappointed later on.

Appreciation – we remember every small act of kindness at the beginning of the relationship that our partners have done for us and as we go along in the relationship we go into a comfortable place and sometimes the things they do for us gets taken for granted. Remember to appreciate your partner and tell them thank you and that you love them on a daily basis.

After reading this I am sure you may be able to relate this to some areas of your relationship. Extract the points that rings true to you and your relationship and apply it to your relationship


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