Our coach Elesha Sanker, has spent years in her self development personally and in coaching. Coaching is her passion and she states that she has been coaching her whole life without even knowing it.

She has always been the go to person among her family and friends for good advice or someone they turned too. People have always told her they felt better after talking to her. She still coaches everyday of her life with most people she comes into contact with.

People who are close to Elesha or knows her very well knows that she has a different outlook and approach to life. She is known to be a motivator and a inspiration giving those around her a different outlook to life.

Someone who takes her personal development seriously and practice what she preaches. Elesha states that everyone needs a life coach and that even a life coach needs a coach, think about it in this way, if you go to the gym a coach/nutritionist can assist you on your weight goals as well as a eating plan and health goals, if you want to be an amazing soccer player, you will need an amazing coach.

Get the idea? So if you want an amazing successful life you have to work on yourself everyday. You can achieve that with a life coach says Elesha, only if you willing to make changes in your life.